Most of the Startups and SMEs may not have the security required for conventional collateral based bank lending, nor high enough returns to attract formal venture capitalists and Private Equity players, but still there are number of funding options available based on the type and stage of the business.

Funding partners not only provide essential capital for the business but also act as a partner and provide strategic and operational support. Impeccable preparation and intelligent negotiation are required to raise the right amount of money from the right kind of fund.

It also involve a lot of legal and financial analysis as there might be different types of financing structures like debt , equity , hybrid etc.

So before going for funding one must address the following questions:-

  • How much funding does I need & how much funding I can get?
  • What king of funding will best serve my business?
  • Do I have proper valuation of my business?
  • Do I have my business plan presentation ready?
  • Do I have knowledge for legal issues and negotiations?
  • Does my business qualify for various Government based funding like MUDRA etc?

We at Firstentry help you in deciding these questions and availing the right finance.